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Proven Technology to Manage Your Practice

Medisoft© Clinical from eMDs combines the practice management (PM) features of Medisoft with a proven, certified electronic health record (EHR) that has helped thousands of practices improve quality of care and financial performance. Because it is specially designed for Medisoft users, Medisoft Clinical simplifies your EHR implementation with a seamless upgrade that won’t put your cash flow at risk.

​One Touch Sets Your Patient Chart In Motion
The unique design of Medisoft Clinical’s EHR allows your physicians the ease of a single-screen workflow, where the information they enter into their patient notes automatically appears in the appropriate area of the patient’s chart as discrete, reportable data. Best of all, when the encounter is over, coding information seamless flows to the billing staff in Medisoft. Using fully customizable templates and Medisoft Clinical’s Bright Note Technology™, physicians have the freedom to focus on their patients and let the data take care of itself.

Take care of your practice and patients. We’ll worry about your software.

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